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​The website ​welcomes ​thousands of visitors every month. The regions representing the bulk of the site visitors are:

  • ​United States
  • ​UK
  • ​India
  • ​Canada
  • ​Australia
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​Advertising Details

Targeting - ​We have the ability ​display your ad(s) specifically in the regions ​you're interested in. Say, you're interested in having your ad show up for site visitors from San Francisco or London or Barcelona. We'll target your ad(s) to show up for your city (and selected cities around your city if you want)*.

Ad Cost - This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Some advertisers want to have their ads run sitewide (showing up on every page of our site). Some want their ad showing up on a specific page (or pages) - for example, the pages related to Hot Yoga. Some advertisers only want to be on the home page. Some advertisers want to show up only for a specific city. Some for a specific country. Use the form below to discuss your specific needs, and we'll ​quote you what we believe to be a very reasonable rate. 🙂

Payment - Ad space is leased on a month-to-month basis. Payments are subscription-based - meaning that a payment is initially taken, then continue to be collected automatically once a month. Each payment is for the following month of advertising services. We use the our trusted payment gateway partner PayPal to collect payments. That's good for you because you are free to cancel your payment from your PayPal dashboard at any time. ​We Note that payment cancellations also automatically cancel any grandfathered subscription pricing that you may have enjoyed - and would rise to the current prevailing rate upon re-starting ad campaigns. We reserve the right to cancel your ad ad subscription after it runs for the current payment period.

Ad Sizes - It's best to stay away from leaderboard width banners because they get re-sized down for site visitors using mobile devices, like an iPhone. The best sizes to fill up the mobile width screens are 336x280 or 300x250.

Best Practices - Banners that are packed with lots of information are just too busy and get ignored by site visitors.

Design Service - We provide limited banner design services. Cost is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on your needs.

Traffic Disclaimer - ​We do not guarantee any particular volume (or r​anges of volume) of monthly website visitor traffic​ to our website or on particular pages on our ​website.

Lead Generation & Sales Disclaimer - We show your ads to site visitors that our software detects coming from your targeted cities*. But, we do not guarantee any particular volume (or r​anges of volume) of leads ​coming from our website to yours or calls coming to your phone number(s). We also do not gurantee any additional sales to your business.

*Location Disclaimer - Note that site visitors using wireless connections (e.g., a mobile phone user NOT on a local wi-fi spot)​ may be misinterpreted by the ad targeting software as being in another location. Therefore, your ad may not show to a particular mobile visitor even though they are ​actually in the ​city you've targeted. This situation even happened with Google maps API connections and mobile visitors on wireless connections.

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