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Ashram Work Exchange

ashram work exchange

Ashram work exchange offers a variety of benefits. Participants work six days per week, with one day off, and can participate in a variety of activities. The ashram is located in a mountain town called Nederland, and participants stay in dorm-style rooms. During the week, ashram participants can explore the town and hike nearby James Peak and the Indian Peaks Wilderness.


Volunteering at an Ashram is an opportunity to experience a yogic lifestyle. As a Work Exchanger, you will support staff members and other ashram residents while receiving vegetarian meals and a supportive environment for meditation and spiritual growth. The duration of your stay can range from short term to long-term, depending on the Ashram’s need for volunteers.

Study of yoga-Vedanta

Study of yoga-Vedanta is the study of the principles and practices of yoga. It aims to develop the mind, intellect, and body, and to clarify one’s purpose in life. To become a teacher, one must be physically fit and have the ability to hold basic asanas for at least 30 seconds. Yoga teachers are also expected to lead the traditional practices of yoga, such as pranayama, neti, meditation, and mantra.

Ashrams are places where individuals can go to learn and practice yoga. They offer daily meditation sessions and courses in Sanskrit and Yoga-Vedanta. Some ashrams also offer music and dance lessons. There are many weekend workshops and courses available for anyone who wants to deepen their practice.

Sanskrit language

Sanskrit language instruction is offered at the Ashram. Learning Sanskrit grammar, the “science of vibration,” is an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of language and the ancient scriptures. It is taught in an interactive style developed by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati. This method incorporates chanting, rhythm and recitation, and is intended to be an energizing, holistic therapy.

The Sanskrit language is a wonderful vehicle for human expression throughout history, and continues to serve this purpose today. It is an excellent tool for dialogue between the East and West, and it represents a unique tradition that can bring people closer together.

Hatha yoga classes

If you want to gain spiritual knowledge and grow as an individual, you should consider taking Hatha yoga classes at an ashram. Ashrams offer various forms of spiritual education, from meditation to chanting to the study of the Sanskrit language. If you are interested in taking classes, you should be committed to your spiritual path and have the discipline and physical stamina to participate. There are also workshops and mentoring groups that can help you with your spiritual development. These programs cost approximately $825 for a two-week program and you will receive a private room and three vegetarian meals a day.

To take Hatha yoga classes at an ashram, you must be willing to take some responsibility. Typically, you will work between 24 and 34 hours per week, helping to support the ashram’s staff and providing support to the ashram’s mission. In return, you’ll receive vegetarian food and a supportive environment for your spiritual growth. To qualify for a position, you must be able to dedicate at least one month to the program. However, if you are serious about learning yoga, you can ask for a longer stay.

Living in community

Working as an Ashram work exchanger involves living in a communal, decentralized setting. You will receive free housing and utilities in exchange for 30 hours of volunteer work per month. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, including social justice, labor organizing, and support for vulnerable immigrant workers. In addition, you will have access to the community’s facilities, including hot showers, laundry, and good Wi-Fi. Typically, work exchange stays last about four to five weeks.


The cost of working at an Ashram varies. For example, some work exchanges offer free food and lodging for volunteers, while others charge a daily or monthly contribution. However, this doesn’t mean that volunteering is free. You should be prepared to make a financial commitment, as many areas of the world are still developing.

The Maher Ashram is a nonprofit organization that provides volunteer opportunities to serve underprivileged children. Its program includes volunteer work in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and Kerala. Volunteers can participate in morning and evening meditation programs, as well as in cultural events. In addition, they can help with housekeeping and kitchen duties. The Ashram also offers a program that helps students study yoga and Sanskrit language.


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