9 Types of Yoga Retreats

Yoga is an exercise & health practice that is growing more popular with each passing day, and it applies to all four corners of the world.

Most fitness centers offer yoga today and finding a suitable one near you should not be a big deal.

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People who do not understand yoga well might think that it is a conventional activity that is done in the same way all the time.

But, that's not true because yoga has been diversified into several types of yoga retreat - that make it exciting while still serving its intended purpose for health, flexibility, & stress relief.

Before you schedule a retreat, it's helpful to understand the common types - and decide which one may be the best one for you.

Here are some yoga retreats worth trying out:

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Adventure Retreats

Judging from the name, this type of retreat combines adventure with yoga. Those putting on this type of retreat try to re-define yoga by including some optional adventure options.

When considering adventure yoga retreats, be prepared to engage in fun activities - as they have a lot of emphasis on the adventure activities. 

The activities included here may include, for example, yoga and running, surfing, kayaking, or zip-lining. Your fears and limits may be tested in this type of retreat. Don't be surprised if you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Detoxification Retreats

Detox yoga retreats are the conventional retreats that enter people’s mind when they hear of the phrase "yoga retreat". That's because they're focused on detoxing & cleansing your body, as well as getting your fitness levels up.

The activities involved here are purely yoga-centric and generally do not have any additional fun/adventure included.

The main ones are yoga and meditation - with the aim of nourishing your body using a detoxification diet. Keep in mind that you won't be starved during this retreat, but you will be feeding with healthy foodstuffs during your stay.

Healing, Meditation, & Spiritual Retreats

Yoga has a substantial effect on one’s spiritual side. Note that there are no religious affiliations associated with this retreat - as the end goal will be to get in touch with your inner-self and heal from any problems that may be affecting you.

This type of retreat nourishes your spirit and mental side through well-coordinated traditional activities. 

The specific activities that you will be subjected to are dependent on the region you go for the retreat since local traditions vary from place to place.

Intensive Retreats

Intensive yoga retreats are a full-scale retreat that are suitable for people who have specific issues that can only be solved by yoga.

 In this type of retreat, the focus is solely on the yoga, and the sessions may be made longer or even increased to make it efficient.

It is perfect for you if you wish to get the most out of your practice, especially if you have limited time to go through all the regular sessions. When signing up for this, expect to push your body to its limit.

Religion-based Yoga & Meditation Retreats

In addition to the other types of yoga retreats, there are also retreats catering to - and celebrating - a specific religion.

Included in this type of yoga retreat are Christian yoga retreats, Hindu yoga retreats, Jewish yoga retreats, Buddhist meditation retreats, and others.

Silent Retreats

Silent yoga retreats are just what the name says - it is silent. Silence is one of the techniques used in yoga, and although it might sound scary, its effectiveness cannot be underestimated.

It involves taking the energy you use to talk and channeling it inwards to help with the healing process. 

Disconnecting from the ordinary world with so much to do and people to associate with is quite tricky and the best way of doing so is going to a silent yoga retreat. It's said to help you solve your internal issues - and make you more relaxed with your inner person. 

Believe it or not, there are different types of silent yoga retreats. Some allow no talking (unless for emergency situations). Others inject some dialogue via lectures or instructional sessions.

Spa Retreats

Do you wish to include luxury resort spa sessions in your yoga retreat getaway?

If so, then this type of retreat may be ideal for you. 

These kinds of retreats are at the higher-end of cost and take place at vacation hotels, resorts, or specialized SPA facilities.

image of a pool at a yoga retreat

Enjoy a spa yoga retreat at a luxury resort destination

They are general considered to be high-class since one has access to a wide variety of facilities such as saunas, steam baths, and swimming pools among others. There is no better way of spicing up your getaway with such luxury-like sessions that will leave you relaxed, nourished, and ready to tell everyone you know about your experience.

Specialist Retreats

Specialist yoga retreats are very particular. They focus on something, for instance - a specific problem you might be having, and go all out to help solve it.

They are mostly recommended for people who have specific issues and need healing. They may be surrounding an event, tradition, or particular routine - depending on the aim.

Goat Yoga (Retreats)

Yes...you read that right. There actually is something called "goat yoga", and sure enough, there are already retreats for it.

What the heck is goat yoga - you ask?

It's doing yoga in the presence of - and in tandem with - actual live goats. It originated with the No Regrets Farm in Albany, OR. 

It's been around since late 2016, and it's sure to be smile-inducing should you decide to partake in it. 

But, make your plans early because it has become so popular that some venues have 1,200 person waiting lists. I've heard of goat yoga retreats popping-up across the land, including in Oregon, upstate New York, Arizona, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and various destinations in Europe.

Wrapping It Up

Yoga retreats located regionally, nationally, and around-the-world - often in amazingly beautiful locations. There are even yoga retreats for beginners, hot yoga retreats, ethnic-based yoga retreats, etc.

I believe that it's best to do your homework well before deciding on a particular yoga treat. Before booking a yoga getaway, be sure to check-out customer review ratings on individual yoga retreats.

Some of the common ones around the world include the Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, Big Sur in California, Loviisa in Finland and Goa in India.

And, I'll bet that a yoga retreat in Sedona AZ would be simply breath-taking.

Have a special need? There are likely the following yoga classes in your area:

A yoga retreat can add an exciting dimension to your usual yoga routine. You can immediately disconnect from day-to-day life, and you can create a wonderful lifetime memory.

If traveling farther away isn't going to work for you - or it's just a bit too costly, consider finding yoga retreats that may be in your own backyard or located regionally much closer to where you live.

Have a great time!

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