8 Proven Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

Yoga is a 5,000 year old art of fusing the mind and body but has only been transforming adults in the western world for a much shorter time.

While you may be aware of the benefits of yoga for adults, you might not know that it is good for children too. 

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Due to its amazing benefits, yoga classes for children are quickly becoming a common thing in many different places in the world. If you are still on the fence regarding yoga classes for children, here are the top kids yoga benefits.

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Maintaining Flexibility & Strengthening Growing Bodies

Children possess an inborn flexibility and yoga poses are great for prolonging this gift. Kids yoga poses can aid in the strengthening of growing bodies and muscles.

Flexibility and strength allow for fewer injuries particularly when children engage in playground activity or sports.

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Enhancing Concentration

Some yoga poses for kids in kids yoga classes are slow paced while others are fast moving. This helps children learn how to enhance their awareness and focus and learn self-control.

It requires great attention to move from the Flying Crow Pose to balancing in the Tree Pose, which is a critical skill in many learning environments.

Boosting Self-Esteem

If a child is able to display great focus, strength, and flexibility in yoga, his or her confidence gains a boost.

Success in yoga gives children the persistence necessary for achieving greatness while they embark on all the adventures life has to offer.

Teaching Present Moment Awareness

Yoga for children is good for teaching present moment awareness since it is easy to miss out on the most valuable now while thinking about the future or past.

In a yoga class, children are focused, engaged, and having fun in the present moment. Once children learn about this valuable tool, they will carry it for the rest of their lives.

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Provides Stress Management Tools

Yoga for kids offers children and adults alike an immediate outlet for reducing stress in a nurturing and safe environment. This physical exercise produces happy endorphins. Breathing exercises slow the heart rate while relaxation techniques are powerful tools for calming both the body and mind. Yoga also places strong emphasis on non-competition and non-judgment towards oneself and others. A child can carry these tools into any difficult life situation.

Cultivating A Relaxed & Peaceful State Of Mind and Body

Deep relaxation is a quiet time that is usually the conclusion of all yoga classes. Different from napping, deep relaxation is quite popular among yoginis of different ages.

Deep relaxation is known as the “Do Nothing Pose” and is quite popular among children who love lying on their backs in a peaceful, quiet stillness.

Even if for just a couple of minutes, children learn to appreciate the importance of this peace, which is something they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Encouraging Social Interactions

Yoga teaches children that all people are the same inside regardless of their outward appearance, religion, or race. All human beings have functioning bodies, feelings that feel, and hearts that love. Partner yoga poses help children to fully grasp the concept of oneness through working together. Yoga for toddlers can inspire children to be accepting, patient, kind, as well as empathetic with both themselves and their peers.

Teaching Responsibility & Discipline

Yoga isn’t a destination but rather a journey of a lifetime that requires discipline. Ideally, when children learn the benefit of committed practice from a very young age, it ripples out into their relationships, everyday activities, and responsibilities. Once they become aware that Yoga takes practice and not an immediate accomplishment, they will learn that life is a path full of both bad days and good ones and everything in between.

Final Thoughts

While the 8 benefits of yoga classes for children are amazing, there are still many more. The important thing you should remember is that yoga also helps calm the mental spirit and exercising the physical body thus helping children achieve a sound mind in a sound body. Best of all yoga classes are open to parents and their children and moms or dads can take yoga classes with their children.

Parents may be slow in noticing how yoga classes are benefiting their children. However, children are the best judges. Children that practice yoga report to their parents and teachers that they are able to pay attention to tasks, focus better on activities, and concentrate better during the day. What’s not to love about yoga classes for children?

So, whether you're looking for yoga classes for kids and parents, mother daughter yoga classes, mom and baby yoga classes, yoga classes for toddlers, or family yoga classes, use the interactive map or the search box above to find them.

~ Nicole

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