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How Does Pilates the 100 Work?

pilates the 100

If you have been doing Pilates for some time, you have probably heard of “Pilates the 100” and wondered how it works. There are several variations of this workout program, and each of them has its own benefits. To help keep your body motivated, the exercises are designed to vary from one session to the next. This way, your body is constantly challenged and you remain motivated. Listed below are some exercises that you can do at home with the help of a DVD or book.


Performing the Hundred exercises is a journey, not a race. Depending on the student’s progress, the exercises become harder as the feet are raised off the floor. The more challenging exercises are simply a higher variation of the beginning exercises. One example of a challenging Hundred exercise is the Roll Up. This exercise begins with the student lying on the floor face up, legs long, feet shoulder-width apart, palms down. Head and neck are relaxed.

The Hundred exercise can be varied by changing the leg choreography. One leg starts with the legs straight, the next bends to the table top and straightens the legs. Repeat this for five counts, then switch legs. The repetition of the Hundred exercise strengthens the abdominals while challenging the brain to control the legs. For more challenging movements, the client can use the Jefit app. Listed below are four variations of the Hundred exercise.


Several benefits of Pilates are the same as those for any other form of exercise, such as yoga. Pilates works on the importance of proper breathing, alignment, and smooth, flowing movements. The exercises are very effective for relieving fatigue and stress, while improving posture and body awareness. Moreover, Pilates is great for those who are suffering from chronic pain or aches. You can even improve your sleep with Pilates, a proven exercise regimen that helps you get a good night’s sleep.

Among the most popular Pilates exercises is the Hundred. This dynamic movement helps warm up the core muscles, especially the abdominals. You can do it no matter your fitness level or age. It is usually performed early in a routine and will prepare the abdominals for the subsequent exercises. You can also do variations of the Hundred. Here are the benefits of Pilates the 100. When performed correctly, Pilates exercises will help improve your posture, increase your stamina, and help you get in shape.


The Hundred is a dynamic warm-up that builds core strength and endurance. It is also an excellent way to develop core stability, improve circulation, and strengthen the triceps and abdominal muscles. The Hundred can be modified to fit the specific needs of a back or ankle problem. Once you’ve mastered this exercise, you can try some variations for a varied workout. To learn more, read about the Hundred and how you can modify it for optimal results.

The Hundred exercise looks different on every student. But the overall goal is to develop a successful performance. The objective is to maximize benefits, not perfection. Like any form of exercise, Pilates is an ongoing journey. You will have days where certain movements are easier than others. Don’t get discouraged; remember that the quality of movement matters more than a perfect shape. Here are some variations of Pilates the Hundred exercises.


Adding Pilates props can help you get the best out of your workout. Using a mini ball under your upper back can help you relax your front chest while firing up your core muscles. Using a mini ball is an excellent way to facilitate challenging exercises while also ensuring your safety. The mini ball is also an effective way to keep your head comfortable during Pilates movements. This prop is especially helpful for beginners as it makes it easier to perform the exercises properly.

A Pilates Magic Circle can be used to help engage core muscles during exercises. This is a small, squishy ball that can be held between your palms, inner thighs, or ankles. It can also be placed under your spine or hips to help you maintain proper posture. The Ball can also be used to support the pregnant woman’s mid-back. Use it for an extra challenge during the standing series.

Getting started

Getting started with Pilates the Hundred exercise may seem overwhelming at first. Although it may be the most basic exercise, it’s actually one of the hardest. You can see how it works by watching this Kristi Bailey video. This video breaks down the Hundred into three different parts, and includes a Reformer version. In the video, Bailey shows how to do Hundert and Hundred on the Reformer. You’ll see how the exercises work and how to prepare for them.

This book also features a helpful visualisation guide. You can visualize your ribs sliding down towards your pubic bone and lengthening through your top half. The key is to avoid straining your neck and back by looking up or down. Keep your chin up by visualizing an orange or a marble. By doing so, you’ll stay in alignment with your spine. If you can’t imagine doing it yourself, try doing it at home.


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