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Ibiza Wellness Retreats

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Looking for a retreat in Ibiza? There are so many great options to choose from! Here are some of my favorite retreats: Body Camp, Shine-Yoga Retreat, Almond Blossom, Soulshine, and Ibiza Yoga. You can even book a yoga retreat right on the beach! Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a retreat. Make sure to check out the reviews of each of these Ibiza retreats to make your decision a little easier.

Body Camp

The Body Camp in Ibiza offers a variety of wellness programmes to suit all body types. Programmes include a week-long or two-week retreat, which includes activities such as team games and nature walks. It also features a fully equipped fitness centre, yoga studio, massage centre, and indoor/outdoor eating areas. The hotel is located 30 minutes from the airport. Guests can enjoy hiking, cycling, and luxury shopping on the island.

The Body Camp in Ibiza is a luxury wellness retreat that offers holistic fitness and health. The program is based on personal goals and includes yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities. You will also have ample time for relaxation, with time to relax by the pool. Guests of the Body Camp can choose from an 80% plant-based menu curated by celebrity chef Ben Whale. Additional activities include guided meditation, yoga, dynamic stretching, mind mapping, and cookery workshops.

Shine-Yoga Retreat

If you are in need of a retreat where you can de-stress, rejuvenate, and rebalance your body and mind, the Shine-Yoga Retreat in Ibizan will be an excellent choice. This retreat includes daily yoga practice, breathwork, and meditation, all of which are proven to have positive effects on your body, mind, and soul. It is a wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate yourself and discover a new you.

Guests of this Ibiza Yoga Retreat can expect to attend more than 20 sessions each day. Activities include Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga in the hidden coves, sound meditation, and heart-healing cacao ceremonies. All of these activities help you reconnect with your inner world and the environment around you. Guests of the retreat will also enjoy the wonderful food and fresh air that is abundant on this island.

Almond Blossom

Located on the picturesque island of Ibiza, the luxurious Almond Blossom Ibiza retreat promises rejuvenation and relaxation. This retreat is ideal for small groups of up to five people, and the program is customized to the needs of each participant. From learning how to relax to addressing health concerns, this retreat is an excellent choice for the entire family. Here, you will be guided to blossom from the inside out.

The staff at Almond Blossom Ibiza is comprised of health consultants, yoga instructors, and meditation teachers. All three specialize in different aspects, such as yoga and meditation, and the health and korper consultant Ruby Balthazar has a background in holistic health and detox. They are committed to helping each guest find a path that is personal and effective. The staff tailors all communications and meals to the individual needs of the participants.


At the Soulshine Ibiza retreat, you can relax and rejuvenate in a cliff-face hideaway. The six-day experience is devoted to nurturing your mind and body. You will experience wellness talks, healing workshops, and the pampering of local healers. You will also enjoy a wide range of holistic treatments, including acupuncture. For a truly holistic experience, you should book yourself a treatment with the Soulshine therapists.

The holistic wellness team at Soulshine will guide you through a unique process of detoxifying the body and mind. You’ll benefit from the delicious detox cuisine and abundant love. At Soulshine, you’ll also enjoy plenty of time to relax and sunbathe. The Soulshine retreats also offer the chance to go skiing in the French Alps. For even more activities, you’ll love the wellness retreat in Ibiza.


A Body:fit retreat in the Spanish island of Ibiza is ideal for those looking to lose weight, tone up, or simply enjoy a vacation away from it all. The retreat is packed with fitness activities and fun events, as well as time to relax, rejuvenate, and learn about nutrition and wellness. You can choose from a range of fitness retreats, including those that combine yoga and fitness with relaxation and fun.

The workouts at Body:Fit Ibiza are suitable for any fitness level and are designed to maximize fitness gains while avoiding over-training. The retreat is held at the five-star ME Ibiza hotel, where guests can also indulge in a nutrition workshop and a mindset session. The workouts themselves are mostly outside in nature, with the occasional boxing session. Other options include HIIT, kettle bells, and suspension training.

Practical Magic

For a life-enriching week, book yourself a place on the Practical Magic retreat in Ibiza. Designed to activate the magic within you, this retreat offers a space to re-imagine your vitality, creativity, and potential. At this time of year, when our attention often turns inward, this retreat will cast a clear vision of the landscape of your inner world and sow the seeds of your next steps.

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Guests can expect soul-enriching daily meditations and healing self-care techniques, including a yoga and nature-bathing session. An empowering ceremony, divine candlelight rituals, and soul-nourishing massages are all part of Practical Magic. Retreats are a space for reconnection with our wild, empowered selves and our own wisdom. The experience will be unforgettable. Practical Magic at an Ibiza retreat is designed to help women find a deeper connection to themselves and their power.


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