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Yoga Exercises With Blocks

yoga exercises with blocks

Adding blocks to your yoga poses will give you more resistance and challenge your body. Here are four yoga exercises that you can do with blocks. Stretch your feet, ankles, thighs, and core. These exercises can be challenging, but they will definitely improve your overall fitness. If you can stand on one foot, they are an excellent way to challenge your balance and core strength. And don’t forget to keep your arms by your sides.

Pose variations

If you’re not comfortable practicing yoga on your own, you can modify many poses with blocks. One of the most common modifications is supported bridge. To do it with blocks, you’ll need to start in bridge pose prep. Lift your low back off the mat, and then slide the blocks under your sacrum. Depending on the height of your blocks, you may have to adjust the distance between the two blocks. For more difficult variations, add a block or two under each hip.

Another variation of Bridge pose is Single-Legged Bridge Lifts. This variation works your lower body and your abs. Begin by placing one foot on blocks, and the other leg up toward the sky. Make sure your hips are level with the floor. You may need to wear belly tights, or you can hold onto a block to prevent your elbows from poking out. If your legs are not long enough to reach the floor, you may need to hold on to the blocks to avoid your elbows from slipping out.

Adding resistance to common moves

Adding resistance to common yoga moves can increase the challenge and variety of a particular exercise. This is particularly beneficial for balancing exercises, such as the Half Moon, which require the activation of the external hip rotators on the balancing leg and the stability of the trunk. Using a resistance band to increase the challenge of certain poses can also give you a better understanding of your body as a whole.

Improve alignment

When you practice yoga, it is imperative to be aware of your alignment. This not only provides a foundation for safe practice, but also reduces the risk of injury. Many injuries during yoga are cumulative, the result of years of repeated use of the same joint or body part. It is important to break long-established patterns of movement and use props liberally during yoga exercises to ensure proper alignment. The following are three key ways to improve alignment with yoga exercises with blocks.

Yoga blocks are helpful in various poses, from standing forward folds to complicated balance and flexibility poses. They can also help you focus on opening and stretching during difficult poses. This means that you can hold poses longer, increase strength, and focus on breathing properly. Ultimately, you will benefit from a better alignment. And because they are so versatile, you can use them in a variety of poses, including seated and lying-down variations of popular yoga asanas.

Stretching the feet, ankles and thighs

For more effective stretching, try using a yoga block, folded blanket, or even a soft pillow. Kneel on a yoga block and place your heels on its edge. Then, lean forward while holding the block between your shins. Hold for 30 to two minutes, breathing in and out as you stretch your ankles. If you find this too painful, try leaning forward slightly or taking a small step forward.

Another useful prop is a yoga block. These props allow you to achieve better alignment and support while stretching your ankles, feet, and thighs. They also help to shorten the distance between your hand and the surface, which can make it easier to lift your torso and expand your chest. You can also use them to activate your obliques and challenge your transverse abdominals. The blocks can also help you get more focus while practicing yoga as well.

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