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Yoga Gifts

yogi gifts

Buying a yoga guide or a Peloton membership for a loved one is a great way to give the perfect gift for a yogi. Yoga-adjacent gifts are practical and useful, like non-slip water bottles and the best yoga pants, as well as fun items such as CBD chocolates or a set of gingerbread cookie cutters in the shape of different yogi poses. You can also consider buying a Sense and Create healing mist. For fun, you can purchase a yoga-inspired gift, such as a yogi shelving unit or a set of Lululemon post-workout tension-release balls.

Sense and Create healing mists

Sense and create healing mists are smokeless alternatives to smudging and make wonderful yoga gifts. Sense mist helps you to establish a deeper connection with your intuition while Create mist helps cultivate creative energy and open the sacral chakra. You can purchase these mists at online retailers but order them by December 9th to ensure that they arrive in time for the holidays.

Lululemon yogi gift cards

Whether a gift is for a yoga enthusiast or a gym rat, Lululemon yogi gift card is an excellent choice. The gift card works both online and in stores. It has no expiration date or transaction fee, and can be used for anything on the lululemon website. The card also allows the recipient to check their balance and view transaction history. It’s also a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

For the yoga enthusiast in your life, a Lululemon gift card will come in handy when purchasing the latest gear. A yoga mat is a necessity, as is a strap and two blocks. Gaiam yoga blocks are an excellent choice. Other great yogi gear includes comfortable yoga clothes and a yoga mat. Lululemon yogi gift cards can be used to buy such gear.

Uncommon Goods yoga shelving unit

An uncluttered and chic way to organize all of your yoga gear is an UncommonGoods yoga shelving unit. This versatile unit features a bottom compartment to store your yoga mat, a middle shelf to store yoga supplies, and a top shelf to display your Zen items. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your favorite yogi or looking to add a bit of feng shui to your home studio, the Uncommon Goods yoga shelving unit is sure to please.

The uncommon Goods yoga shelving unit is made of wood, with a recessed shelf for storing your yoga mat. This shelf is made of solid poplar wood, and has a sliding side shelf. The upper shelf is made of naturally fallen red oak and has enough room for two yoga blocks. There’s also enough room for anything else you’d like to display on it. There’s even a yoga mat scratch map to make sure you don’t miss a pose!

Lululemon’s post-workout tension-release balls

A post-workout tension-release ball is a useful addition to any yoga routine. These lightweight balls target small, medium, and large muscle groups. The perfect yoga gift is a set of these balls to give to friends, family, and even yourself. A gift certificate to a local yoga studio is a wonderful idea too. A Lululemon store can help you find one that fits your budget and your friend’s tastes.

Another essential post-workout yogi gift is a yoga sandbag. These bags come filled with 10 pounds of silica sand for deep stretches, but they also come with an unfilled version. These bags are also made of high-quality cloth and have a durable handle. They are also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Yoga floor puzzle

For the little yogi in your life, a children’s yoga puzzle may be just the thing. These puzzles come with a path for kids to follow as they learn various yoga poses and the’sun salutation’ sequence. These puzzles are illustrated with humans and animals in various yoga poses. Whether they’re learning the basics or are just looking for a fun activity, your child will love this gift!

Yoga dice

You can give yoga enthusiasts a gift that focuses on the practice of mindfulness by giving them a yoga dice. These fun dice contain various poses of yoga on each side and are a great way to design chance yoga sequences. Yoga dice are also a great way to encourage yoga practice, since they can be used anywhere a yoga mat is located. They are also great for encouraging new poses, so your yogi friend is sure to appreciate this gift.

The six d-shape dice represent the seven major chakras and have corresponding yoga poses printed on them. The dice are made of durable beech wood with rounded corners for gentle interaction with the yoga mat and workout space. They come packaged in a nifty linen drawstring bag, along with a brochure explaining the yoga poses and how to perform them. Yoga dice also include an engraved wooden storage case.

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