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Yoga Posture – Chaturanga


The ancient Indian soldiers mastered this pose as it strengthened the muscles of their back, arms, and shoulders. In addition, this posture can be modified to suit most body types, allowing people to practice it in the comfort of their own homes. This article explains the posture, including the four-level division of the ancient Indian army, the benefits, and modifications for those who are not in excellent physical condition. It can be done safely and with a high degree of flexibility.

Four-level division of the ancient Indian army

According to the two national epics of ancient India, a four-level army division was part of the military system by 500 BCE. It was composed of four major sections: foot-soldiers (patti), car-warriors (rathin), elephants (hasti), and cavalry (ashva). It also included a fleet of ships and local guides. It was the core arm of the Epic army.

The bulk of the Indian army was made up of archers, whose ranks were all made up of men. These warriors were mounted or on foot, and were usually equipped with a steel helmet. They could also use a javelin, which they used in melee. The elite wore a different type of armor, including metal or wooden shields. In addition, the armor of the elite Khsathiyas was more protective than that of the rest of the army.

Strengthens arms, shoulders, abdomen and back muscles

The proper alignment of the arms and chest is crucial for performing this pose correctly. Incorrectly aligning the arms and shoulders can cause injury or strain. Developing the strength and flexibility of your chest will help avoid such misalignments. Incorrectly set hands can lead to bent elbows and internally rotated upper arm bones. To avoid this, practice Chaturanga with your elbows out and chest high.

If your core muscles are weak, you may experience excessive lumbar extension, which can cause pain. A strong core helps prevent this, as well as a strong lower body. In addition, a weak upper body can cause shoulder blades to rotate downward or aggravate hyperextension in the lower back. To avoid such a situation, you should perform chaturanga exercises regularly.

Safe for people doing unstable positions

If you are new to Yoga, you may wonder if Chaturanga is safe for you to do. The good news is that this yoga posture is safe for beginners, and it can even be adapted to fit people who are prone to injury. In fact, Chaturanga is an excellent yoga pose for people who are unable to perform other yoga poses safely. There are a few steps you can take to ensure your safety while performing Chaturanga.

The first step to making this pose safe for you is to be aware of your joints. The elbows are simple hinge joints, allowing you to bend and extend your arms. However, they don’t allow you to rotate them. Rotating the shoulders during chaturanga can destabilize the entire area. It is therefore necessary to rotate the shoulders only when necessary. Otherwise, you could cause injury to the shoulders.

Ways to modify

While the basic form of Chaturanga is quite challenging, a couple of ways to modify it will ensure your safety. Firstly, be sure to warm up your shoulders and wrists before you begin. Rolling forward onto your toes is a great way to keep your elbows from reaching a 90 degree angle while you lower yourself. You should also try to hug your elbows into your sides. To improve your technique, practice in front of a mirror.

Attempting Chaturanga with knees on the floor is the most common modification. One way is to lift one leg off the ground and alternate it. The next way is to roll over your toes, rather than flip them. This is a more accessible method of modifying Chaturanga. Regardless of how you modify it, the goal is to strengthen the entire body. You can use this strength to improve your alignment when you lift your knees.

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