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Yoga Postures For Neck Pain

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If you suffer from neck pain, yoga can be of great help. You can perform various postures to relieve neck pain, including triangle and cat/cow poses. These poses are great for relieving neck pain and strengthening the back and neck. The benefits of yoga for neck pain are many and vary depending on the type of pain and condition. Below are the most effective yoga poses for neck pain. And remember, there’s always time for some more.

Cat/Cow pose

The Cat/Cow pose is a variation of the Cow Pose. The aim of this exercise is to stretch the whole spine. While holding the pose, remember to keep your torso upright. The cat pose is beneficial for pregnant women and for the knee caps. Hold the pose for five to 10 breaths. Afterwards, switch to the cow pose to maintain your neck posture and help prevent neck tension. Listed below are some benefits of the Cat/Cow pose.

The cat cow pose is a great warm-up exercise for a back or neck pain. The cat pose, also known as Marjaryasana-bitilasana, stretches the torso, neck, and lower back. It can help alleviate neck pain, too. While the cat and cow pose can be difficult for some people, it can also be adapted to a chair yoga position.

Triangle pose

Trikonasana is an excellent yoga posture for treating neck and shoulder pain. It works many parts of the body at the same time, including the shoulders and neck. Because it works several parts of the body, it can be beneficial for many different conditions. Some of the benefits of this pose include pain relief for neck and shoulder issues, improved posture, and increased flexibility. While this pose can be difficult for those with limited flexibility, it is a great option for those who need help with neck and shoulder pain.

The Extended Triangle Pose is another beneficial yoga pose for reducing back and neck pain. It helps keep the posterior chain loose. This stretch is challenging, but it can provide the most benefits. Begin by doing Mountain Pose with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart. Next, lift your right arm up to the ceiling and extend your left arm outwards. Hold this pose for five breaths. Once you’ve mastered this yoga pose, you’ll feel relief from neck pain and back discomfort.


The Plank is an excellent exercise for people suffering from neck pain. This posture activates all the core muscles at once and requires no additional movement. It is also remarkably forgiving, as almost everyone can do it. There are a variety of modifications to the basic Plank, which you can read about here. While the world record for holding a plank is four hours, most experts recommend holding it for no more than 10 to 30 seconds. This is the same amount of time as you can do a full plank, so it is advisable to perform several sets of shorter durations.

If you’re struggling to hold a plank, try a modified version that requires less strain on your back. Some people find the plank difficult to do, so they start by holding their hands at shoulder-width distance. If you’re having trouble holding a plank for more than a few seconds, try to do it while leaning against a wall or bench. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing trouble keeping your hands still, lower your knees to the floor and do a modified plank.

Side plank

Side planks are a basic, effective yoga exercise that improves the health of the neck. It involves stretching and strengthening the oblique muscles along the sides of the torso. In order to do side plank yoga, these muscles must be strong enough to resist gravity. To help them succeed, the glutes, obliques, and lat muscles of the upper body must work together. For beginners, they should start with one set of 10 reps per side and gradually increase their time until they can complete the full side plank with good form.

Side planks can be done with either a straight or forearm support position. To reduce stress on the upper body, the top leg should be raised and the bottom knee should be bent. To assist in this exercise, the top leg can be planted on the floor. If you have a shoulder or ankle injury, you should avoid performing side planks. However, you can adjust them as desired for a more comfortable and safe experience.

Chin-to-chest pose

A popular stretch for a stiff neck, the chin-to-chest pose is the yoga equivalent of a neck roll. Sit up straight and relax your shoulders, and then roll your head so your ear rests on your shoulder. Repeat this stretch as many times as necessary to relieve tension and pain in the neck and shoulders. You can perform this pose at home or at work. The key is to hold it for several seconds.

One of the easiest yoga poses for neck pain is the chin-to-chest pose. This stretch stretches the backside of the neck and releases tension. To perform this pose, simply interlace your fingers behind your neck, keeping your back straight, and gently exhale. Hold the pose for as long as necessary and be sure to breathe deeply. The ujjayi breath sounds like the sound of a wave crashing to shore.

Rolling your neck in a circle

Rolling your head in a circle is an excellent exercise for people suffering from neck pain. To do this, start with your head facing forward and gently tilt it to the right. Next, roll your head back and down, and then return to the starting position. The key to doing this stretch correctly is to go slow and large, and avoid bending at the neck. You can also try this yoga exercise by rolling your head sideways in a semicircle. This stretching exercise is effective for reducing neck pain in several ways, including relieving tension and stiffness.

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When performing the neck roll, you need a chair with a high back and comfortable cushions. Then, relax your shoulders and push your chin against your chest. Now, roll your neck until your ear touches your shoulder. Repeat this process until you reach the desired position. Continue to practice this stretch for several minutes every day. Once you’ve mastered this pose, you can practice it at home as a daily routine.

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