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Yoga Pregnancy Poses For Pregnant Women

If you are considering yoga as a pregnancy activity, there are many different poses you can try. These will help you stretch and strengthen your body and relieve pelvic and lower back pain. Some poses include Chair pose, Legs up the wall, Butterfly pose, and more. All of these are recommended for all stages of pregnancy.

Chair pose

Chair pose is one of the most popular yoga pregnancy poses, and there are several reasons why it is great for the growing belly. It can relieve swelling in the ankles and legs and can also relieve pelvic pressure. It can also be relaxing, because your legs are supported. You may feel your baby move or even wake up during this pose, so you should listen to your body.

Legs up on the wall pose

Legs up on the wall pose is primarily performed with the legs propped up on a wall. The arms should be in a relaxed position. This pose helps to relax the mind and body and promotes restful sleep. It is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Butterfly pose

The butterfly pose is an age-old exercise that helps pregnant women strengthen their bodies. It also improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles. This posture, also called Baddhakonasana in Sanskrit, is a gentle, yet powerful, stretch that is easy on the body.

Legs up on the wall

Legs up on the wall during yoga pregnancy pose is a comfortable and relaxing way to ease the pressure on the ankles and feet caused by the extra weight. This pose is helpful for women who are prone to swelling of the ankles and feet. It also helps relieve back tension.

Legs up on the floor pose

The legs up on the floor yoga pregnancy pose is beneficial for pregnant women because it allows you to stretch your hips and legs while still keeping them supported. It also works to loosen the pelvic muscles and relieve pelvic pressure. Its slight inversion can be calming and is ideal for longer periods of rest. When practicing this yoga pose, remember to listen to your body’s signals. If your hips feel sore or uncomfortable, stop and take a break.


Backbends are a key part of many yoga poses, and you can do them while you’re pregnant – but there are a few things you should avoid. During the first trimester, it’s important to avoid poses that squeeze or compress the belly. If this is a concern, modify the pose by using props.

Restorative poses

Some of the best yoga poses for pregnancy are restorative. Often, they help relieve the pain in your back, hamstrings, and legs. Legs-up-the-wall is one such restorative pose. It requires you to sit with your legs up against a wall while you breathe deeply and relax. You can hold this pose for five to 10 minutes.

Avoiding abdominal strengtheners

It is important for pregnant women to avoid postures that put too much pressure on their abdominal area. These include backbends and the full wheel pose. These postures cause the uterus to overextend, which is harmful for the developing fetus. If you must do any of these poses, be sure to modify the posture if necessary.

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