February 23

Yoga is the New Bridge Club – Seniors Flocking to the Mat

Forget stuffy bridge games and crossword puzzles. A growing number of senior citizens are rolling out their yoga mats to find fun, fitness, and community in their golden years.

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Specifically with Seniors in Mind

Yoga classes tailored specifically for older adults are growing in community centers, parks, and retirement facilities nationwide. And seniors embrace this ancient practice to boost their health, ease aches and pains, and enjoy active social activity.

Senior yoga class in session.

We're never too old for the benefits of yoga

The New Trend

Sue Anderson, a spry septuagenarian who has practiced yoga for over 20 years, says she’s noticed the classes get greyer and greyer. “The seniors just keep coming! And I love seeing more of my peers discover the joys and benefits of yoga that I’ve experienced for many years.”

For Anderson and the millions of older Americans now twisting into triangles, squatting in pliés, and finding their balance in tree pose, yoga has become much more than just another workout routine. The practice offers physical and mental rewards that are especially valuable to aging populations.

image of senior women practicing yoga in a room

Enjoy mindfulness with yoga

How Yoga Helps Seniors


Yoga helps seniors build strength, flexibility, and balance – which aids with mobility, stability, reducing injuries from falls, and maintaining independence longer. Yoga is low-impact and gentle on aging joints but still provides an effective workout when modified poses are used.


Yoga’s mind-body connection, breathing techniques, and meditative nature may help reduce stress and depression – issues that frequently plague elderly populations. This can lead to improved cognitive functions like memory and focus while also lifting moods.

Group yoga class in sunny studio room.

Feel younger with yoga stretches.


Yoga classes provide community connections and friendships, combating isolation and loneliness. Seniors enjoy chatting while moving through the poses together and often form close bonds.

Getting in on the New Experience

While bridge clubs and knitting circles aren’t going extinct anytime soon, the numbers of silvery-haired yogis are growing exponentially. This new social activity keeps seniors not just healthy but also happy, fulfilled, and feeling youthful in both body and spirit.

The surge in over-60 yoga practitioners shows no signs of slowing down. But it’s not just aging boomers dusting off their sticky mats. Even octogenarians, nonagenarians and occasionally centenarians can be found in beginner yoga classes, proving that you’re never too old to try something new and reap substantial rewards for both mind and body.

Senior women practicing yoga indoors.

Feel relaxed with yoga

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All in All

So watch out Bingo and Bunco. When today’s senior citizens want to gather for fun, fitness, and friendship – yoga has become the way to go. Namaste!

Namaste, Staff Writer

FAQ for New Trends in Yoga for Seniors

Why are more seniors trying yoga?

More seniors are trying yoga for the physical and mental health benefits such as better balance, strength, flexibility, stress reduction, and combatting isolation.

What health benefits can seniors get from yoga?

Yoga can help seniors improve mobility, stability, cognitive functions, moods, and reduce risk of injuries from falls.

How does yoga help seniors socially?

Yoga provides seniors with community connections, new friendships, and a fun group activity to combat issues with isolation and loneliness.

What types of yoga classes work best for elderly students?

Beginner yoga classes with modified poses that are gentle on aging joints work best for introducing seniors to yoga.

Can even very elderly people practice yoga?

Yes, even octogenarians, nonagenarians and occasionally centenarians can practice beginner yoga and enjoy its substantial rewards.

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